Equimedical® has been founded in 2006 and is completely privately owned. The mother company of Equimedical has been involved in the research and development of several haemostatic devices for over 20 years.

The research and development department of Equimedical is superior which has led to unique new products like Equicel Laparoscopy.

Besides the high-quality products, Equimedical believes that its haemostatic devices can be produced cost effectively and as such its products are brought to the market as cost effective devices.

With the current products like Equicel and Equitamp, Equimedical has proven to bring innovative haemostatic agents to the surgical world.

  • Highest quality haemostatic devices
  • Unique products
  • Complete haemostatic devices product range
  • Cost effective
  • Full backup and support